Birthdate: October 6, 2010



Lemmy is the definition of a true versatile hunting companion. I have asked her to compete in hunt tests, hunt a variety of game, and be a household companion and she has exceeded my expectations in every way. Her willingness to please is unmatched and I often find Lemmy doing what I want before I ask her which leads me to think she has learned to read minds.


Lemmy is the result of selective line breeding and has excelled from an early age in pointing, honoring and retrieving. She finished her Master Hunter title before the age of 2 and has been hunted in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota on a variety of game. Along with being an accomplished hunter, she has completed her Canine Good Citizen title with the AKC. Lemmy is the kind of dog that we are striving to produce.



Birthdate: April 10, 2010

OFA Excellent



Zoom Zoom was put in Zoey's registered name for a reason, she can flat out fly when she is looking for birds. No area goes unchecked when Zoey is searching for birds. She is blessed with more speed and athleticism than most dogs can dream about. Her intense field work is a thing of beauty and after the work is done a single command will send her to her pillow in the house to catch up on some much deserved rest.


Zoey's fieldwork is no fluke. She is the product of many generations of selective breeding. With that it comes as no surprise that Zoey has completed her Master Hunter title and her hips are OFA Excellent and her Elbows are normal. We look forward to producing superior pups with Zoey that will excel in any venue you wish to compete in.



Birthdate: February 9, 2013

PennHip LH .46 RH .37



Bee is a pup I kept from Zoey’s first litter. She was practically born pointing and her early maturing attitude had me killing birds over her points at 4 months old. She inherited her mother’s prey drive and her father’s trainable nature which makes her a fun dog to take to the field. She has an extremely good work ethic and willingness to please. Training with Bee is a breeze and she completes everything I ask of her with style and intensity.


Bee’s natural instincts for pointing, honoring and retrieving come from generations of selective breeding. Every dog in her 3 generation pedigree is a Master Hunter and she continued the trend by earning her Master Hunter title at 14 months old. She also is a great family companion and earned the Canine Good Citizen title with AKC. “To compliment her fieldwork and trainability, Bee also brings great structure and conformation which helped her earn her International Show Championship.




Birthdate: November 1, 2012

PennHip LH .36 RH .36



One word to describe Molly is intensity. She has a high prey drive and extreme style on point.She often throws dirt when she turns to slam on point. Molly is a dog that you take an extra minute to watch her on point before you flush the bird. She is fun to watch in the field. Along with her intensity she brings along an easy training attitude. She wants to please and just needs a little guidance to show her what is asked of her. After that she does what she is asked and looks good doing it.


Genetics play a key role in birddogs. Molly’s genetics are top notch. She comes from Top Gun kennel bloodlines and her parents were tested in AKC Hunt Tests along with passing various health clearances. Molly followed in their footsteps and has already earned her Master Hunter title and she has also earned her Canine Good Citizen title with the AKC. We look forward to using Molly’s genetics and natural field ability to move our kennel forward.


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