I have had the pleasure of having two hunting dogs trained by Jason. The first was a one year old Brittany named Chevy that needed to be taught to hunt and when I got him back he was a machine in the field. He would point and honor from a long distance and also retrieve. Jason accomplished this and basic obedience in a short time and made Chevy into a bird finding machine. The second was a four year old lab named Drake that was a little on the softer side. He retrieved ok but dropped ducks at the edge of the water and sometimes didn’t retrieve them at all. Jason force fetched him and this past duck season was my best yet. Drake retrieved every bird to a sitting position at my side until I commanded him to drop the bird in my hand. I am very impressed with Jason’s knowledge and skill with dogs and my next dog will definitely be trained at Pro Shot Gundogs.


Matt Schipper



Zeke was purchased from Pro Shot Gundogs as a year old started GSP. Jason showed me Zeke’s abilities on a couple different occasions and answered any questions I had. I purchased Zeke and he has been a real asset to me while pheasant hunting by pointing and retrieving hundreds of wild roosters over the past couple seasons. Jason also trained and handled my female GSP in AKC Master Hunter tests. He has produced excellent results and easily finished her MH title.


Brent Steven


I sent my 16 month old male German Shorthair, Rucker, to Jason in June of 2012. I wanted a good gundog that would hold a point and retrieve down birds, but Rucker was a very hard headed dog, and I knew he needed some serious, professional training. Jason was very upfront and honest with me from day one. He gave me weekly updates by phone and email to let me know of Rucker’s progress, and sent pictures as well. In a short couple months, Jason was able to turn Rucker into that exact gundog I was looking for, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. On top of holding his points and being force broke to retrieve, his obedience and manners were so much better. Rucker was whoa broke, would heel off leash, and knew the ‘here’ and ‘sit’ commands. After completing my first hunting season with Rucker being fully trained, I can’t wait for the next one to start. I shot several birds over him this past Fall and Winter, and his confidence only continued to grow every time we went to the field. Because of Jason, I have a dog that is joy to hunt behind.


Anyone looking for a trainer should definitely give Jason a call. He has the knowledge and skills to bring out the best in a dog, and when finished training, he will show you how to handle your dog in the field. Since being completed with Rucker’s training, Jason still contacts me to check on Rucker’s progress and answer any questions I might have. You won’t get that kind of service everywhere.


Thanks again Jason for all you have done for Rucker, and me as well. It was a pleasure getting to know you, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Chad Cass


I have known Jason personally, well before he saw his first hunt. As soon as he was old enough, Jason was hunting over several of my German Shorthairs. A few years later, he bought his first dog and this began a training career that has yet to see its peak.


I have observed Jason breed, whelp, and train numerous shorthairs and he has been successful with each and every one. His knowledge skills and abilities allow him to evaluate and design a program to maximize the potential of each dog he trains. Jason has personally trained several of my Grand River Labrador Retrievers as well. Whether you purchase a pup or started dog or bring your best friend in for professional training, I am confident you will be pleased with the results.


Pro Shot's versatile gun dogs will perform with passion and desire during your upland hunt whether pushing a tree grove on a sunny fall afternoon or busting the brush in a Midwest blizzard. These dogs have natural ability and great noses. Jason specializes in GSP's so for masterful training or a stellar hunting companion, give him a call.


Greg LeFebre



The first time I contacted Jason regarding purchasing my 8 month old GSP "Sarge" I was hesitant. Hesitant because I have always purchased a 8 week old puppy & trained it myself. My family has had Shorthairs for over 50 years. This was to be my 3rd shorthair and I felt I was pretty good at finding good stock for hunting & family pet. I researched the lineage and eventually found a breeder/trainer that had same lines as my 10 yr. old shorthair Axel.


Jason explained in great detail the type of hunter Sarge was, and focused on the type of family environment the 8 month old started dog would thrive in. I was hopeful that the dog was an A. family Dog- good around kids & B. Was a good hunter, trained, and with an excellent nose, ran hard but in control. Candidly, I don't think Jason really wanted to sell Sarge. I know why now...Sarge combines uniques qualities that one might only hope to see in a lifetime. He is an incredible loving, fun happy member of our household. Equally at home in the house, kennel or the field. In the field (out of the box) he points staunchly, honors points & retrieves to hand. He is equally adept on Pheasants as Grouse & Woodcock. His nose is incredible...allowing him to hunt successfully in wide open fields to the thickest upland forests. Rarely (if ever? ) have I seen Sarge bump a bird. All of my hunting friends marvel at the intensity and maturity Sarge displays at such a young age. If you are looking for a family oriented, trained gun dog I would HIGHLY recommend giving Jason a hard look.


John Diggins

New Jersey


I first met Jason while we were both working in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I have a love for bird hunting and didn’t take long for our conversations to turn to birds and birddogs. I have always had flushers so I could hunt both upland and waterfowl, but was intrigued by the sound of a good pointer. Jason invited me out after work to look at some of his dogs. He let me participate in the training of two dogs he was preparing for MH tests and also showed me a young dog named Angus. Angus swam great for a young pup and also pointed flawlessly in the field. Didn’t take me long to convince my wife that we needed a new dog to replace my aging springer. Angus went home with me shortly after and he has been a real asset to me pointing and retrieving upland and waterfowl birds. I was very impressed with Jason’s training, work ethic and communication skills during this process. My son and I have another deposit down on a future puppy from Jason and with Jason’s help we are going to be running MH tests with the new pup.


Brian Elliott



My dream has been to always run two beautiful shorthairs together while hunting.  I purchased my first started pointer from what I thought was a “top notch” kennel.  My experience was horrible and after many lies I was actually shipped the wrong dog.  So when I started looking for my second shorthair I did a little more research and found out what an actual “top notch” kennel is all about.  When I purchased Gator from Pro Shot Gundogs all of my questions were answered truthfully and Jason sent me video footage of the dog performing in the field.  I trusted Jason and when Gator arrived he exceeded my expectations and fulfilled my dream of having a pair of pointers to hunt birds with.  Jason and I have never met in person but we have become good friends and he checks up on the dogs regularly.  Not only did he sell me one of the best dogs I have been around he has helped me bring out the potential in my other dog.  I look forward to doing business with Jason again and someday meeting up to pursue wild birds out west with him.


Jarod Hardaker



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